Chamomile + Lavender

Chamomile + Lavender

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It's summertime sweeties and during this odd time/year we have taken up gardening - well BK has. Julie has upped her game from 3 to 14 garden boxes this year. During our quarantine walks we have noticed that many people have done the same and we couldn't be happier! The landscaping, window planters, and gardens are looking 💯. Keep up the good work and #gardenMORE

*PRO TIP: Chamomile + Lavender are both herbs that target the central nervous system and have a calming effect. Light this candle while you enjoy your morning tea and mentally prepare yourself for the day's Zoom calls. Or at your bedside to help fall asleep.

Notes: Chamomile + Lavender
Actual smell: Smooth and relaxing; like wandering Martha Stewart's flower gardens with a glass of rosé while her Chow Chows trot along at your heels.

  • Sun Tea - is there anything better after working outside in the hot summer sun? Our Dad used to make a big ol' jug of sun tea and sweeten it with two scoops of sugar after mowing the lawn.
  • Lavender + Chamomile - two gorgeous blooms that inspired this candle's scent palate. 
  • Sun Hat - mo' SPF, mo' betta when you're in the garden.
  • Root Veggies - plant the seeds and they will grow! Honestly, fresh radishes taste so much spicier coming from your own garden. Night and day baby!

Premium coconut and soy wax blend for a healthy, clean, and aromatic burn.

9oz. candle | 40+ hour burn 


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