Basil | Mint | Cucumber

Basil | Mint | Cucumber

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It's summertime sweeties and during this odd time/year we have taken up gardening - well BK has. Julie has upped her game from 3 to 14 garden boxes this year. During our quarantine walks we have noticed that many people have done the same and we couldn't be happier! The landscaping, window planters, and gardens are looking 💯. Keep up the good work and #gardenMORE

*PRO TIP: Basil, mint, and cucumber - these ingredients conveniently make the perfect summer mojito, too. Burn your candle and reuse the glass for cocktails. Cheers!

Notes: Basil, Mint, and Cucumber
Actual smell: Fresh and bright; like hanging out with Oprah in her herb + veggie garden on her Upcountry Maui estate.

  • Strawberries - one of the easiest fruits to grow in the garden. And who doesn't LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie??
  • Basil, Mint, and Cucumber - these bright scents inspired this candle's scent palate. 
  • Hand Tools + Seeds - every garden starts here, get digging! Julie has a garage wall full of gardening tools and seeds - DM her for recommendations!
  • Water + Bumblebees - every garden needs them to thrive! Water - well, that's obvious! But, bees are amazing pollinators, attracting them to your garden with bright flowers is key.

Premium coconut and soy wax blend for a healthy, clean, and aromatic burn.

9oz. candle | 40+ hour burn 


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